Rakuten France, formerly known as PriceMinister, is a French e-commerce company founded in August 2000. In June 2010, PriceMinister Group was acquired by Japanese online retailer Rakuten. In 2015, PriceMinister.com was the sixth most visited e-commerce site in France.

In 2018, Lotte Group announced that the “PriceMinister” brand will gradually disappear, using “Rakuten France”

Platform Data

17 million Monthly page views

Over 300,000 Daily trading volume

22 million registered member

Customized exclusive store

In Rakuten France, you can customize a unique brand store according to your taste.

No self-operated store

Rakuten France has no self-operated stores, and it has a cooperative relationship with sellers, and there is no

Professional customer service team

Has a professional e-commerce team, is committed to assisting sellers, and to eliminate

Rakuten brand influence

Take advantage of the strong brand effect of Rakuten Group and become the largest e-commerce platform in Europe


The platform is operated in French

Enterprises are required to provide a mainland business license or a Hong Kong BR business license

The platform supports Lianlian payment for international payments, worldfirst (if not, ESG can assist in application)

Experience in cross-border e-commerce platform, need to provide eBay, Amazon, Cdiscount and other store Link, store sales are good, and reviews are high priority


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1. Monthly platform rent and commission

1. Monthly rent: 39 euros (basic version), sales commission: 11%-19%

2. Monthly rent: 299 euros, sales commission: 6.5%-14.5%

2. product upload mainly has the following ways

1. Single upload

2. Batch upload

3. API connection upload

4. Upload through ERP connection

3. Platform logistics

The seller chooses the shipping method. Support domestic direct delivery or overseas warehouse delivery

4. Platform returns are available in the following ways

1. No more products

2. Return to the seller’s own European warehouse

3. To return to the country, each package must be posted with return shipping lable, the shipping cost is borne by the seller

5. Hot-selling categories

3C electronics, mobile phones, drones, smart home, other

6. Gold flow and payment cycle

For WorldFirst/connected accounts, the order is marked by the buyer’s confirmation of the receipt of the payment. The buyer confirms the receipt of the order and will be settled every Monday and Thursday; the buyer does not confirm the receipt of the order, which will be on the 20th of the following month The first Monday or Thursday after Yanshun is settled. The settled payment will be automatically credited into the seller’s wallet on the 1st/20th of each month. The seller can withdraw the money in the seller’s wallet to the World First/connected account

7. Logistics methods, logistics time

For spontaneous/overseas warehouses, you must confirm the order and fill in the tracking number within 48h

8. Commodity description language

French required

Exclusive privileges for ESG settlement

– exempt for three months monthly (39 Euro / month)

Open a store through ESG , five exclusive services, let your operations worry-free!

1 , the platform quickly settled in the green channel

– Priority Review, and on-line activation, the fastest on the market to ensure that audit

– registration, contract, payment, KYC whole process guidance

2, free fees to sell home training

– Training under all platforms both online and offline, to make the best operational recommendations for sellers

– platform jointly organized monthly training sellers, such as holidays, selling products under the emergency

3, free fee platform data

-ESG obtains key data from the platform to help sellers sell, such as the best-selling SKUs and categories

4.Free feeAccount manager docking and support

-The client manager directly connects with the platform, 1v1 supports the seller’s operation, helps to upgrade the case list, and solve other operating conditions

5. Solve the problem of store closure

– If you stop the risk related to the seller’s account, ESG will take the initiative to inform the seller before shutting down, and develop action plans measures to improve this situation

– If the seller accounts were frozen, under the premise of this account does not involve fake and shoddy products , ESG will help to restore the account Seller