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As the largest provider of cross-border eCommerce services in China, ESG has acquired extensive local knowledge of the Chinese market to harness its potential for global marketplaces.

By providing a quality-assured process of cross-border merchant acquisition, WE+ facilitates an open flow of business between China-based merchants and global marketplaces.

The WE+ network is made up of merchants and marketplaces that have been identified by ESG experts as having a burgeoning presence in global eCommerce. Today, we have over 200,000 WE+ merchants and partner with leading marketplaces around the globe.


The 3 key benefits of a China-based merchant acquisition strategy.

Whilst there are laborious challenges associated with a China-based merchant acquisition strategy, if executed correctly the benefits are unequivocal. ESG has unrivalled experience in tapping into these benefits, enabling us to drive the growth of Walmart Canada cross-border eCommerce.

Low Cost

The Chinese model of rapid, low-cost manufacturing provides a lucrative opportunity for Walmart Canada to grow their online platforms through a low-cost, high-profit buying strategy.

Risk-free Inventory

The manufacturing capabilities in China ensure a healthy flow of inventory that can be quickly altered to match the requirements of Walmart Canada and the demand of their customers.

High Assortment Level

Manufacturers in China produce goods across an immense range of styles and categories, offering Walmart Canada high level of assortment.


Driving growth with a lost-cost, high-profit buying strategy

Through WE+, ESG has contributed and continues to contribute to the growth of leading global marketplaces such as Lazada, Newegg, Rakuten, Cdiscount and more. We’ve helped and continue to help these marketplaces expand their product offerings and increase sales by facilitating a secure method of cross-border merchant acquisition and a low-cost, high-profit buying strategy.


A great deal of due diligence is required to overcome the challenges associated with acquiring merchants from China. Through WE+, ESG provides unique solutions to curtail these challenges and support marketplaces through the complexities of China-based merchant acquisition.

Merchant Sourcing

The sheer volume of manufacturers coming from China makes efficient and sustainable merchant sourcing a lengthy and time-consuming process.

Quality Assurance

Evaluating the quality of merchants and products in China is time-consuming and complex, and if not done correctly can cause irreparable damage further down the line.

Language and Cultural Barriers

Business culture in China is unique, and successful operations in China require an in-depth understanding of this culture to navigate through its complexities.

services we offer

Strong Merchant Network

Over 200,000 cross border sellers with over 100 million SKUS, focussing in Electronics, Home Appliances, Toys & Games and Fashion categories

Quality Merchant Sourcing

Curated seller selection based on seller performances in existing marketplaces, overseas warehousing capabilities and comprehensive KYC

Merchant Training & Management

New sellers are provided free comprehensive 12 course training program on best practices on the marketplaces, and local account management support to grow their GMV.

Manage PR and marketing activities

With over 30+ media channels across wechat, microblogs, toutiao, QQ live streaming etc and hosting over 100 events a year, ESG help develop marketplace communication channel to China cross border sellers community very effectively.

Strategic Operation Solutions

ESG modular services can address from cross border logistics services to payment and translation services.

Video Testimonial


Since partnering with ESG and joining the WE+ network, Newegg has gained access to thousands of merchants, an extended seller recruitment arm to Newegg First From Asia global seller program, allowing us to be at the forefront of the latest technology trends. By establishing these relationships, ESG has helped Newegg develop a flexible and robust supply strategy that quickly addresses our customers’ product demands.


Head of Marketplace, Newegg

ESG has been one of Lazada’s trusted partners for over 6 years. Since we’ve been a part of the WE+ network, we have enabled 10,000+ merchants to expand their horizon to Southeast Asia and sell several million of products. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products at competitive prices, which is exactly what ESG’s WE+ network helps us to do.


Head of Marketplace, Newegg

Priceminister’s partnership with ESG has been a key part of our cross-border eCommerce strategy. We’ve been able to leverage ESG’s experience in China to connect with suppliers across the country. ESG shares our commitment to keeping the end-customer happy and, through WE+, has provided a continuous source of suppliers whose products are perfectly aligned with Priceminister’s customer base.


Sales Director, Priceminister