Manage PR & Marketing Activities

Manage PR & Marketing Activities

Manage PR & Marketing Activities

ESG’s PR and Marketing team focuses on helping our clients achieve their business goals through efforts and activities on our exclusive media channels. Some of our goals include:

  • To enlarge Merchant Base for our Marketplace
  • To acquire top brands such as Xiaomi, DJI, Anker etc. to join the marketplace program
  • To grow Public Awareness for our marketplace partners to keep existing merchants engaged
  • A platform to engage with merchants to update on marketplace new strategies, policies and promotional tools etc.
  • To manage public relations and marketing activities through ESG’s exclusive media channels to boost the partner’s brand image, reputation and influence in China.

Online Activity

30+ media channels including Weibo, Wechat,,, and Zhihu etc., with impressions of more than 10M in 8 months

We boast a 2 Million+ online audience per blogcast

Our press release can reach 17k impressions with page views of 7720+

Offline Activity

ESG regularly hosts large conferences on behalf of our marketplace partners. We have been very successful in introducing new platforms to the Chinese eCommerce community, and recruiting thousands of high quality merchants.

Each conference will attract over 500-2000 attendees with high-profile media coverage.

Such events are also very helpful in keeping existing merchant engaged, by sending a message that the platform is focus and interested in a cross- border strategy.

ESG regularly hosts focus group and seminars with a group size of 20-50 attendees.

We pursue a more engaged, 2 way interaction between our sellers and our marketplace partners. By fostering discussions in an area of interest, we hold these events to:

  • Recruit Top Sellers in a particular Industry
  • Update Marketplace new strategies and visions
  • Introduce New Tools, Promotions, and Services from our marketplace partners
  • Address operational issues with merchants who face the same problems

ESG also hosts our own exhibition booth at trade fairs. From our past experience, ESG’s display has proved to be very successful, attracting tens and thousands of interested sellers in each event.