Solutions for Sellers

Solutions for Sellers

Green Channel
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Marketplace Performance Data

Sales Tactic

Store Management Training

Product Assortment & Pricing Strategy

Cross Border Growth

For experienced ecommerce sellers who want to grow online sales globally quickly

ESG officially partners with the world’s major high-quality marketplaces. We provide exclusive green channels for new sign ups, and an exclusive investment manager will provide one-to-one service throughout the incubation process. We help sellers open shop accounts and quickly expand their business footprint.


Easy Onboarding

Intuitive Order Fulfillment System

ECommerce Store Management

Intelligent Courier Selection

Product Assortment & Pricing Strategy

Fully Trackable Delivery

For Brands and Manufacturers for brands and manufacturers who want to focus on product development, B2B and offline distribution channels and allowing ESG to run a full managed solution.

ESG has been in the cross-border e-commerce industry for many years, and understands the pain points and difficulties of cross-border sellers. It has multiple resources such as logistics, payment, warehousing, digital advertising and custom clearance and taxation services and is committed to providing sellers with the quality and efficient services.


Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Reach your target buyers with digital advertising and key opinion leaders

We work with Key Opinion Leaders in various Markets to reach your target audience and boost sales. With our expertise in Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing, we will grow your online business locally and globally.


Warehouse in multiple locations

Fulfillment Services

Print Shipping Labels

Storage, Fulfillment, Label Printing. We can customise to your needs

We have warehouses and fulfillment centers globally. This aims to reduce cost of shipping to end consumers in various markets. With our shipment volume, we negotiate the best courier rates with various couriers and have customised solutions for your own fulfillment centers too.


Hear it from our sellers

ESG is a leading cross-border e-commerce service provider that provide professional and effective services to sellers. ESG is an important partner to us.

ESG is a leading cross-border e-commerce service provider capable of providing sellers with professional and effective services and an exclusive partner to many leading global marketplaces in asia.